Spiritual Growth

The Kingdom of God

Larry Titus | March 16, 2016
Jesus and the apostles preached the gospel of the kingdom everywhere they went. In this video, Larry shares his life message on The Kingdom of God.

The Teleios Man

Larry Titus | May 21, 2013

In his book, "The Teleios Man", Larry Titus breaks down the main reason why you, as a man, may be struggling in areas such as relationships and life in general: God created you to be complete, whole, but you must learn how to live out this new identity God gave you. This video series was made for men just like you - men who desperately need someone who will believe in them, encourage them,disciple them, and empower them to be godly, mature, balanced husbands, fathers, and leaders. Get ready to believe in and unleash the man you were born to be!

The Table Experience

Devi Titus | May 23, 2013

This series, based on the book "The Table Experience", by Devi Titus, will compel you to take a survey of the dynamics of your family life and to find out "what creates deeper, more meaningful relationships." Through it, you will experience new levels of satisfaction in the relationships you value most. Are you ready to enhance your own table experience? Open the door and invite our Lord to come to your table where sweet, memory-making moments with family and friends are created!


ABC's of Parenting

Trina Titus Lozano | March 24, 2017

THE ABC’S (Absolute Basic Criteria) FOR RAISING SPIRITUALLY SENSITIVE CHILDREN. These 26 topics represent what I believe to be the absolute basic criteria for raising spiritually sensitive children. I have begun with Authority because it is the absolute foundation of good parenting. That doesn’t mean that I believe that the “authoritarian” style of parenting is the most effective. I actually tend to be more “permissive” in my own personal style. The principle function of disciplining and training our children is to teach morally responsible behavior (i.e. righteousness); biblical discipline achieves that end more successfully than either permissive or authoritarian parenting styles.


When Leaders Live Together

Larry and Devi Titus | June 13, 2014

Adapted from their new book "When Leaders Live Together: How Two Strong Personalities Can Thrive in Marriage", Devi and Larry Titus are launching a "He says...She says..." type of series. Join Larry every Tuesday, as he walks you through the book, chapter by chapter. Then watch Devi's every Thursday to get the balancing perspective on each chapter. This is one series you DO NOT want to miss!


Jesus: The Ultimate Leader

Larry Titus | May 4, 2017

Jesus set the standard for all areas of our lives, leadership included. Larry shares lessons on leadership ffrom the gospels in this series.

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